Club Background:

The Arizona Mustangs club was formed in October of 2000 by Trent Kendall.  We started out as a small group of friends who race and work together on our Mustangs.  We have no rules in which to follow, no dues in which to pay.  You merely are required to treat the members with the respect you would demand for yourself.  We engage in a  variety of activities ranging from track races, cruises,  garage parties (you know, where you get suckered into helping someone pull their motor) car shows, and Dyno events at AZ Dyno Chip.  

Sorry, local Mustangs only please...

Note: If you wish to become a member but you are too lazy to read the following then please don't bother trying to become a member or joining the message board.

If you would like to be a member of our club please ask yourself a few questions before applying for a Message Board User Account.  This club is filled with people who care a lot about modifying their Mustang and helping others modify their Mustang so it performs to its highest potential in the quarter mile and in road racing.  If you don't want to modify your Mustang or you use words like "yo, yo, yo, wassup my peeps"  then you will definitely not mesh well with our club.  It is nothing personal, everyone has different tastes.  We hate clear tail lights, fart pipes, and gold spoke rims.  
While we have some nice looking cars, we aren't really a show club. Most club members care more about going faster than winning car shows.

So, if you think you will fit in with the club, then please click the Message Board link below to read more about the message board.  Once your user account is approved you will be able to post in all of our boards sections where you can get to know everyone and everyone can get to know you.  Keep in mind everyone on the board is friends with each other and we like giving everyone and ourselves a hard time.  Everyone and anyone is invited to our club events, it is the best way to get to know everyone.

Once you have shown interest by going to club events and participating in message board discussions, you will become a member!  THERE IS NO FORMAL MEMBERSHIP PROCESS. 

Message Board 

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