If you want to obtain a message forum user account you must be interested in joining the club.  In order to do that you MUST read the "Join Up" section first.   After reading the Join Up section please create your message board account and then click here to email us to get your user account approved.   When you email us please include your username and why you want to join up.  We will email you back with a few questions about yourself and your interest in the club.  After your account is approved please read the sticky threads in the BS and tech forum before posting. 

YOUR FORUM USERNAME MUST CONTAIN YOUR REAL NAME.   Stupid aliases are not allowed.


The Arizona Mustangs.

The Message Forums url is now www dot azmustangs dot com slash forumss  (I am sure you can figure out how to type that in, I spelled it all out to try to throw off the spam bots)