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Shannon's huge Sword:  Misc Track Pics, Helmet head Jason:  1-5-01 Pics of my street the day after my oil filter blew up:
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Some pics from Speedworld on 12-29-01:

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Kurt's car catches fire at Firebird, (7-1-01) and is resurrected (11-21-01)
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12-7-01:  Firebird Raceway:

Chris H's awesome GT
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Kurt's 85GT resurrected
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12-1-01:  Dyno day at Street Flight: 

CW on the dyno Denny's new KB blower
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Bill's nice LX
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7-15-01:  Dyno at Street Flight and pics of Beau's Stuff:

The practice sheet:
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Beau posing with the rental  
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6-22-01:  Head and cam swap at Craig W's place:

Steve and Scott Croke and Scott mmm, grub
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Edelbrock heads A bunch of genius's
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  Hot teams, Ford vs. Mopar
   The Ford team wins 21-14, Dan's car breaks and us working on Scott's beast.  
20 AZ Mustang members are at the track.

10 sec. Mirada!! 43 Chevy, looks like my dad's old Willy's Croke, looking smart. Scott Flagg, been up since 3 am working on car.
10secmirada.JPG (62883 bytes) 43chevy.JPG (56047 bytes) 43chevy2.JPG (60265 bytes) croke.JPG (45788 bytes) flagg.JPG (46796 bytes)
Flagg's first burnout in 5 weeks... see what happens... it is called withdrawal! Flagg staged
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club members... same more club members Mike Flagg
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everyone working on Flagg's car. everyone working on Flagg's car. our "ringer" John T. runs 9.50's and destroys the Mirada :) Steve, thinking of something...
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Kurt stomping on a full drag car, kurt runs 12.0 Kurt on his way to a 12.3 Kurt destroying a camaro.
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3-11-01: Pics from Dennny's and Rick's car's death (almost):  The demise of Rick's car, after being triumphant at the track, 12.40's all night at 114 mph.  Sorry Rick, I hope it can be fixed as cheaply and easily as possible bro.  update: Rick's oil pump seized and twisted the oil pump driveshaft and broke it, everything is replaced and running good!!!  Update 12/01, Rick now has a 347 and I am running his old 306!!!

Everyone happy at Firebird... Rick pulls up to Dennys, very unhappy...  ZERO oil pressure. Scott pulls up to save the day. In his badass truck...Goes 18.20 @ 74 mph!!  Actually if it weren't for the truck we will still be sitting at Denny's with our thumbs up our asses. So we can tow the no oil pressure beast away.
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Everyone leaving in a long line, like a funeral procession... Rick. Rick, still in good spirits! Rick being towed.
dennys2.JPG (62513 bytes) rickdrive.JPG (51088 bytes) rick1.jpg (50379 bytes) tow2.JPG (59561 bytes)
Rick being funny. :) Me and Kurt in the fantastic donut doing machine of death... Steve's car. Craig's car
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Steve driving Brett's car.
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