AZ Mustangs club news

12-7-06:  Clearly this news page is never updated.  Please see the message board for news.

3-4-04:  Club Day with Arizona F-bodies scheduled for March 28th, Speedworld, 9am.

9-1-03:  Street Flight can do custom Ford chips and EEC tuning!!  480-615-4366.

8-11-03:  It is too hot to race or even leave the house for that matter.

4-15-03:  Updated the Videos page with a few more videos, including the Central Cruise Video.

3-14-03:  We had an event with the Arizona F-body Association at the wonderful Speedworld Dragstrip.  The event was a lot of fun with the Mustangs winning 3 classes and the F-bodies winning 3 classes.

11-14-02:  This past weekend we had Jerry from fly in and tune a bunch of club cars.  Not only did every car pick up power with his custom tuning but everyone picked up a lot of driveability and safety in the tune.  Many cars were pinging on the dyno due to the crappy AZ gas we have.  But Jerry was able to tune all of that out.  It was great to see so many club cars making over 400 rwhp.

10-12-02:  Here are the pics from out photo shoot and bbq.

5-7-02:  Lots of videos have been added in the past few months.  We are also leading the Hot Teams Series by a narrow margin.

1-27-02:  We beat the GM team 21-14 in hot teams competition.  I posted all the videos in the videos section.  

1-5-02:  Lots of pictures added on the club pics page.  Tons of videos added too!

10-1-01:  I created a page with a bunch of windows media player videos of people in our club at the track and other places.  Check it out here.

7-30-01: The Arizona Mustangs website is featured in the "Cyber Stallions" article of the September issue of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords, read it here.  Thanks to Jeff Bauer for the article!

6-25-01:  Videos of some local races.  Go here

6-17-01:  The Ford team takes a loss to the Mopar team in the final Hot Teams race of the season.  However, the Ford team is still the season champs!!

6-14-01:  KC's 99 Cobra finally gets dynoed with the 14 pound vortech and SHM stroker.  Baseline pull was 560 rwhp!!!

5-26-01:  The Ford team dominates team Chevy in the hot teams matches.

all older news was lost...