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December 9th, 2006:  Pinks All Out at Firebird Raceway

March 28th, 2004:  AZ Mustang club day @ Speedworld, 9am.

June 7th, 2003:  Hot Teams Race, Ford vs Mopar in Tucson

April 18th, 2003:  Hot Teams Race, Ford vs GM at Firebird

March 9, 2003:  AZ Mustangs vs AZ F-bodies at Speedworld.

November, 2002:  AZ Mustangs Dyno Day at Street Flight.

February 8th, 2002:  Hot teams race, Ford vs Mopar.  Firebird Raceway.

January 18th, 2002:  
First hot teams race, Ford vs GM, go here for Hot Teams info  We won 21-14

January 4th, 2002:  Lots of AZ Mustangers will be at Firebird Racing.

December 29th, 2001:  Lots of AZ Mustangers will be racing at Speedworld in the morning.

Dec 1, 2001:  Dyno Day at Street Flight