Phoenix Area Dyno Directory and Venue Information
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Firebird Raceway:  Gates open at 6:00 pm on Friday night drag nights.  Tech usually starts at 6:30 and racing starts at 7:00.  Racing continues until midnight, then the track is closed.  The far right lanes are for slicks and VIP cars.  Cost is $15 to race and $10 to watch, they do have a snack stand and BBQ.
The track is also open once per month on Saturdays at the normal time.  Every Thursday night is Sport Compact Only Night.
Click on the link for directions.  The Arizona Mustang guys can usually be found in the middle gravel area behind the stands.

Speedworld Motorplex:  Speedworld runs on Saturday mornings and Wednesday nights.  Although depending in the season they also run on Friday nights instead of Saturday mornings.  Saturday they open the gates at 9:00 and racing goes until 4:00 pm.  Wed. the gates open at 4:00 and racing ends at 9:30, you can get in many, many runs on Wed.  Click on the link for a complete up to date schedule and a map.  Cost is $15 to race and $10 to watch, there is a snack bar and grill.

Scottsdale Pavillions Car Show:  The Pavilions car show is held at the Scottsdale Pavillions shopping center at Indian Bend Rd and Loop 101.  You can't miss it, right next to McDonald's.  There are lots of cool hotrods out there.  People start showing up at 3-5pm depending on the season and everyone is usually cleared out by 10:00 pm.

Gilbert Hot Rod Show:  Friday nights at Cooper and Warner there is a car show from 5:30 til 9:00pm in the parking lot on the northeast corner.  It is 100% domestic cars and the organizer of the show is a great guy.  There is usually an ice cream stand and sometimes they have an old band playing.  If we go, we usually park in the far south side of the lot.

Gilbert Car Show on Saturdays, "Fast and the Furious":  Saturday nights around 8:30pm cars start to gather at Cooper and Warner only on Saturdays it is mostly imports and stuff.  By about 10:00pm the lot will be overfilling  with all kinds of stuff: sport trucks, riced out civics, lifted 4x4's lowriders, and a few Mustangs and LS1's.  It is really a sight to behold, everyone should see it once.  

Dyno Directory

Arizona Dyno Chip  (Used to be known as Street Flight) (480) 496-8800 513 N. 54th Street, Chandler AZ
The guys are AZ Dyno Chip are awesome.  We have had several huge dyno days there and never had any problems.  These guys are nothing but nice and they offer tuning advice too.
They have a brand new 4 wheel dyno jet capable of 1800 hp and a WIDEBAND 02 setup so you can get air/fuel readouts.
They welcome clubs and they offer tuning help.  They charge about $120 per hour of dyno time and they offer group discounts, depending on how many people show up you can get about $105 per hour.

Xtreme Motorsports:  (480) 517-4969    364 S. Smith Rd Suite 107 Tempe, AZ 85281
Mostly an F-body and Vette shop, they seem like a good bunch of guys and they have a DynoJet with Wideband  They are a club friendly shop.

Pro Dyno:  (480) 967-550    Pro Dyno is located off of Priest Rd. and 10th Pl in Tempe AZ.  1721 W. 10th.  
They do a lot of custom exhaust work and they do a lot of work on high horsepower F-bodies.  They
DO NOT have a wideband O2 sensor.  Cost is $75 per half hour (usually get about 4 pulls).  If you have a group of more than 10 they charge $60 per half hour and they do group dyno days on Saturdays.  Chris and Wayne are good guys.  Pro Dyno uses a Dynojet 248C.

Automotive Diagnostic Specialties (ADS): 
DOES HAVE a wideband O2 setup and they also use a Mustang Dyno.  A Mustang dyno is different than a Dynojet since it is a load bearing dyno.  I don't want to get into the specifics, but basically a Mustang dyno can do a lot more cool things and they usually give lower dyno readings.  ADS can also do custom burnt computer chips for your car based on the air/fuel readings.
I believe ADS charges $170 per hour to do wideband tuning and non wideband tuning is $120 per hour, call ahead to make sure.  John T. from Turbo RX also works at ADS now.

Technodyne:  (480) 804-9700      717 S. Hacienda Dr. TEMPE AZ 85281  
I hear a lot of good things about Technodyne from the import guys.  They have a Dynojet
without a Wideband setup (last I heard anyway)  They charge $65 for 2-3 runs during the week.  They also do group dyno days where they charge $120 per hour and you can get as many cars as you want during that hour and then split the total cost at the end of the day.  It usually works out to $45 per car for 2 back to back dyno runs.